Caroline Tries A Human Bubble Ball

April 1 2016

Hi it’s me Caroline again. And I’ve been up to my usual shenanigans. I’ve been doing the little bit of this a little bit of that, but this weekend I decided to try something new, exciting, and that I’ve never done before.

And so this is how I got to try a human bubble ball for the first time in my life. A human bubble ball is a big inflatable plastic ball. Is transparent and has some threads in it that keep it together. You have to use an electric pump to fill it up because it’s quite big. Once it’s filled with air you can get inside it.

human bubble ball

Inside the human bubble ball that are a couple of harnesses. You get inside the ball and use the harnesses to strap in. Once you’re stuck inside the ball your legs are left out. Pretty much the human bubble ball covers the top part of your body, meaning the torso leaving your legs outside. This way you look like a ball on legs. It looked pretty hilarious.

And so the legs are free to carry you around the field, water bodies safety duct inside the human bubble ball. Dressed in such a manner you can now roll tumble bump into others that are also wearing human bubble balls.

There are a lot of sports and activities that you can try out in a human bubble ball. First of all there’s human bubble ball soccer in which both teams are dressed in bubble balls and they chase a soccer ball on a football field. But that’s not the simple as it sounds because everybody bumps into one another and everybody falls all over the place and tumbles. I’ve done this myself and had a lot of fun. Every time I would bump into another human bubble ball I would fall and lose direction just stumble free. But I wouldn’t hurt myself because I was safely protected inside my bubble ball.

These inflatable balls remind me of hamster balls, in which the little hamster would run. But these are designed for humans. Bubble balls are completely safe if you use them in a safe environment. The best thing would be to use them on a grassy surface so they don’t puncture because they’re made of inflatable plastic.

Anyhow let me tell you of other things you can do inside the human bubble ball. I myself have also tried human bubble ball sumo. This is when I went against another opponent also wearing a bubble ball. We were made to sit inside the circle drawn on the ground. And then we started bumping and pushing each other trying to get the other ones bubble ball out of the circle. Hilarious. And loads of fun. And also I have to say that I feel that I was burning quite a lot of calories when inside the bubble ball. Not only because of the weight of the ball, since a human bubble ball is not that heavy it has around 5 kg of plastic. But mostly it was because of the tumbling. Being inside of the bubble ball I was always finding myself tumbling and on my back. And getting up all the stems made it really exhausting.

So all in all I really think that I was having a good time as well as burning calories while having fun with the human bubble ball. I’m actually thinking of taking some of my friends next time with me to the field. I bet that they will appreciate the human bubble ball as well. We all need a little bit of a exercising these days, since summer is here and we should be dropping some weight. And I really do feel that the human bubble ball provides this: not only a great way of having fun but also great way of doing some dynamic exercises for the body. I recommend it to everyone who wants to try it out! The human bubble ball is indeed a great invention.



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